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Welcome to The Rising Star Ventures

Crowdfunding platform for Musicians, Bands, Orchestras

TRSV is a versatile platform merging New technology and “Bricks and Mortar” concepts. It provides a right alternative to the traditional XXth century Music Industry model. It is a platform that allows artists to execute their music project, founded by their fans. The main difference is that instead of taking a financial stake in a project we enable artists to raise their budget from music lovers. This will give the Artists a full flexibility and control over their Art. TRSV is able to support artists through its dedicated Social Community and use their World Wide Network and economies of scale to ease Artists life with their Marketing, Recording studio, Distribution system and much more.

Designed to Win.....

  • At a Glance

    At a Glance

    The idea came from Music lovers involved in this business to make everyone who deserve it discovered. A lack of advices in Marketing and Communication are more often not provided by the Industry. More and more artists were not able to record their album because of this. Then we decided to change this situation by evolving the “playground” for both artists and Fans. TRSV gives all artists an equal opportunity to put in light their career, we are not the filter, It’s up to the fans to decide.


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